24Hr DIY Dog Wash


We are nearing the completion of the facility to house the puppies we are selling in store.  Our new puppy enclosure incorporates a large open run area for the puppies to be able to play during the day. 

All our puppies will be hand picked and sourced from ethical breeders that will be scrutinized. 

We DO NOT purchase from or support Puppy Farms!

Please call us for more information 0755631834



We currently have no kittens in store at the moment, keep watch on our website or Facebook Page for updates!



At Pet Destination we have a large variety of fish incorporating Goldfish, Freshwater tropical, African and American Cichlids and the finest selection of Siamese Fighting fish on the Gold Coast.

Come check out our state of the Art Aquarium systems and extensive aquarium range instore.

Great range of Cichlids Available.

Plenty of fish specials changed weekly! 


We will have available in season hatchling freshwater turtles. Licence is required to purchase. Check back here for availability

Long Neck Turtles available now

NEW BABY TEENY WEENY Murray River Short Neck Turtles NOW available



Come in store to see our Reptile Range.

Bird Eating Spiders No licence Required

Hatchling Spotted Pythons in stock.

Hatchling Childrens Pythons in stock.

Rainforest Scorpions


Blue Tongue Lizards

Python Hatchlings

Baby Central Bearded Dragons

Baby Silkback Dragons

Baby Hypo Dragons

Baby Leatherback Dragons

Knob Tail Geckos adult and Juvenile.

Please call for information 0755631834

 Licence is required for all reptiles in Qld.  Call for details on your licencing requirements.

Small Animals

Small animals available at Pet Destination are Rats, Mice and Guinea Pig

 We currently have in store, Female  Rats and Female and Male Mice.

Plenty of Baby Guinea PIGS Available - Male and Female !



We are still building our Bird Enclosures.

We stock only high quality seed , Brands include Breeders Choice , Living World, Tropimix and Vetafarm.

We currently have in store Hand Raised Baby Budgies.

Baby Conures


Adult Budgies

Hand Raised Cockatiels

Baby Cockatiels

Plenty more

Please call us on 0755631834 for more information



Live Crickets 3 for $15.

Live Woodies 3 for $18.

VIP pricing on all Large Bags of Dog Food

Join our VIP Club and start earning Reward Points to spend back in store!


Hermit Crabs

We have a variety of Hermit Crabs in store.  Including painted and plain shells.

 We also stock everything you need to look after your Hermit Crab pets!



Our Professional Dog Grooming Salon is now open. Please call for prices and booking. It is currently operating with Jessie from Wednesday to Sunday.